Lessons From My Coach

The past 6 months of my professional life were really challenging with a reorg and staff departures.   I thank my Executive Coach the amazing Bonnie Flatt for her stern yet compassionate approach in setting me on this path of discovering the leader in me and helping uncover the leader in others.  She held a mirror up to me so I can see myself truthfully and bring honesty and gracious collaboration to all my interactions and relationships.  I am writing this blog, as I near the end of my coaching, so people can support me through this process of growth in the following ways.  Ask me questions about the assumptions I make during my interactions no matter how difficult the conversation.  Point out if I am reacting without first seeking clarification as to why someone is saying or doing what they are.  Demand that I live truthfully without the artifice that comes with maintaining an image.  Call out my half truths and mind traps,  when I try to do things for them and to protect them rather than allowing them to rise to their greatness.

I have come to realise that wisdom is about letting go of the need to keep up the edifice of one’s personality and being truthful is simply being present, aware and curious.


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