Kahiin duur jab din Dhal jaaye/ Somewhere far away when the day dulls

chennai skyies
chennai skyies (Photo credit: vinodvv aka vcube)
  • I ended up in a much shorter line meant for long haul passengers.
  • I was able to partake of refreshments that my  parched throat and  starving belly craved, from the islands of food and drink set up by the airline!  The wait was still long but I enjoyed it people-watching, writing and meditating.
  • I got rewarded with taxi vouchers to and from Lufthansa’s Seeheim Conference Centre in a beautiful wooded park, where I had a nice room for the night, great dinner and a sumptuous breakfast which I shared with an Indian, with whom I also waxed prolific about the wonder and exasperation that is India today!  My taxi drivers both ways were Afghanis with a love of Indian music.
  • As we were racing down the autobahn in the cold, to catch my flight the next morning, the driver switched suddenly from a German news channel and the melodic voice of Mukesh filled the car and warmed my heart with this song..

Kahiin duur jab din Dhal jaaye
Somewhere far away when the day dulls

Saanj ki dulhan badan churaaye
The dusk sneaks up shyly like a bride

Mere khaayalon ke aangan mein
In the courtyard of my imagination

Koi sapnon ke deep jalaaye
Someone lights up a lamp of my dreams … 

A perfect end to a perfect adventure.  It was a lesson in living with perspective!



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