American Telemedicine Association, Austin, Texas

Texas State Capitol, Austin TX
Texas State Capitol, Austin TX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richard and I attended the American Telemedicine Association’s annual conference in Austin, Texas, last week.  Austin, a quirky City with a big music scene, huge technology presence and a world-class University, was a fitting locale for this trade show where the latest in remote technology to manage the world’s healthcare needs in an efficient and effective way, was on display.

There were gizmos of every stripe that can hook up patients to their care providers from their home computers, so their vitals can be monitored and alarms can be beeped in for medication, and in the right doses.  This is the insurance industry’s dream and could result in an overall reduction in healthcare costs.  Within the status-quo, healthcare is delivered as a blunt instrument, without custom solutions that cater to individual patient needs or delivering to patients, care in their homes.

MCIS Language Services was one of three language providers with booths at this trade show.  Language Line, the biggest player in the world of language services, did not have a booth, but came over to ours expressing much interest and curiosity in what we did.  All trade show participants expressed tremendous interest in language services, given the growing patient population in the Americas, whose first language is not English.  Most of the interest was for telephone interpretation services, although some hospitals enquired about in-person and video services as well.

Interestingly, there were some call centres that do not limit themselves to healthcare providers and who handle as many as 10,000 calls a day.  They too were interested in exploring the global non-English speaking market.  There was a maritime provider who provides primary healthcare on 32,000 ships when they are docked at ports!  For me personally, this trade show was an eye-opener as to the possibilities for language services in delivering healthcare and providing the gift of good health and life, worldwide.

We would like to make it possible for more of our staff to attend these kinds of conferences so they can learn from and become even more committed to our noble ideal of creating a world without language barriers!

American Telemedicine Association
American Telemedicine Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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