All in a Day’s Work

Community Development is a passion of ours at MCIS Language Services.

This can mean many things.  I am speaking specifically about the opportunity to teach people a skill and to provide them with gainful employment.

We love nothing better. In the past couple of weeks alone, we have recruited two full-time paid MBA interns from the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, two Coordinators, a couple of on-call back up assistants and several freelance interpreters and translators.  We will be hiring at least 3 more full time staff within the next couple of months, besides interns, volunteers and Consultants for short-term projects.

Our mission at MCIS is to keep jobs in Canada, to enrich our population with transferable skills that endure beyond a career with us and to bridge global language barriers with all our local talent of language professionals and back-end staff.

When resources are in short supply, you have to find creative ways to get work done.

Over the years, we at MCIS have fine-tuned the art of recognising talent among people who have had difficulty finding work, recruiting them, building their skill level and making leaders out of them.  Several of our staff came to Canada with experience and credentials they could not easily leverage because of their lack of Canadian experience.

Today, they are Managers and Directors at MCIS.

MCIS Maria

If as an employer you are short-sighted enough not to be able to look past a person’s fluency in English, you lose out on many talented people with immense technical skills that are hard to find and replace.

The win-win from all this is grateful, loyal and committed employees and an employer who does not have retention issues.  Today we have an HR department which is busier than an employment agency, filling up paid and volunteer positions we need, as we scale up and expand to serve our ever growing roster of public and private sector clients.

Thanks to our amazing HR folks, Maria Ramirez and Rafaela Marchi.

To explore opportunities to volunteer, work or do a volunteer placement with us, please email us!



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