My Incredible India – Happy Diwali!



  • Early morning coffee ritual
  • Delicious South Indian tiffins
  • Buckets to bathe from
  • Geyser for hot water
  • Religious rituals defining everyday life
  • Describing the day’s events with mealtimes and the importance of food
  • Mangoes at every meal
  • Short distances to most places
  • No highways
  • Flyovers (overpasses)
  • Temples everywhere
  • Most medicines available over the counter
  • Small shops that stock your most exotic needs
  • Powercuts in phases
  • Inverters, transformer blow ups
  • Apollo cans, sumps, tankers, bore-wells and motors to store, transport and draw water, respectively
  • Gas cylinders and induction stoves
  • Godrej bureau
  • Ceiling fans
  • Drivers, cooks and maids who work without days off
  • Unlicensed electricians and handymen
  • Licensed (ok informally licensed and skilled) coconut/mango/jackfruit tree climbers
  • Full service gas stations
  • Car washers and watchmen on monthly wages
  • Tailors  and cobblers
  • The iron guy
  • Photocopy and STD booths
  • Kalyana mandapams (wedding halls)
  • Banana leaf meals
  • Beauty parlours
  • Grand sweets
  • Jasmine flowers
  • Neem trees
  • Stick on bindis
  • Oily hair and braids

Plus: School uniforms… Cricketers… Musicians… TV serials… Movie songs… Autos… Cows… Handkerchiefs… Bad knees… Visitors streaming in unannounced… Family and community and Conversations about daughter”s marriage prospects – never mind our careers or hers!



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