Have you faced a disappointment recently?

These thoughts that occurred to me might help.

Every time life throws a curve ball we bemoan the unfairness of it all. If only things could have been different? Our constant preoccupation with how things could have/ should have been takes us away from us being in the present.

I want something badly. Why do I want it?

Well it will give me great sensations, stroke my ego, provide me that perfect symmetry so life can go as I ordered it or just because I want something different from the present. In other words, I want all of those things because I am discontented with things as they are. But that discontent is not inherent in the things but with MY state of being.

What if I decided instead that I will be happy in the present and not postpone happiness for when something happens? What would I have to do for this to be true?

  • Be grateful and happy now
  • Be focussed and do my best in the moment
  • Know fully well that everything other than the present moment is a projection of my insecurities and desires and NOT the true state of how things would be if they happened – because with my discontented mind I will find reasons to be unhappy then too
  • Be forgiving of myself if I am moody or depressed – but observe and allow those feelings to pass
  • Do not put off happiness for something to happen – if I had the perfect job or the perfect whatever I will be happy – will I really?
  • Be willing to let go. Of material things. Of grudges and dislikes. Of negativity. Of insecurities.
  • Be willing to take risks without fearing disappointments, knowing what I do– make the transitions – life will open up a whole new set of possibilities better than I ever imagined. I am greater than my thoughts and my limited mind.
  • Remind yourself – I will not over think – but will just be, just do and move on to the next experience and the next and allow life to surprise me with its rich bounty. I will be joyful.
  • Remind yourself also – I will allow all those sensations of pain to pass.
  • Be present and not be dragged down by the past.
  • Be pleasant and kind with everyone no matter what – I can change myself and the world of people, who have disappointed me, with my kindness.
  • http://john.do/disappointments/

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