Dreamcatcher & Systemic Change

Over the weekend, I watched an inspirational documentary at Hot Docs, Canada’s international documentary film festival. This also happened to be the weekend when Chicago was the chosen venue for the NFL draft picks for the upcoming season. On TV, Chicago shone with over the top glitz and glamour hosting one of the biggest shows on earth.

And yet this documentary shows us another face of this great city.

A darker, sadder side.

One where young (mostly black) girls are trafficked and prostituted following a life of early molestation and exposure to crack cocaine.

The film, “Dreamcatcher” which won Kim Longinotto a Directing Award for World Cinema Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, is an inspirational story about a former prostitute and drug addict, Brenda Myers Powell, who has taken it upon herself to rescue young girls who ply the trade having been trafficked into it. If you wish to donate to a worthy charity in America, check out the Dreamcatcher Foundation.

The situation, however, cries out for systemic change to address the defacto apartheid that continues in America with the horrific racial divide between blacks and the rest of America.


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