Facilitated Community Conversations @ Davenport-Perth NCHC

http://dpnchc.com/Arriving late, we only got to watch the last part of the heart-warming Cyber – Seniors in the beautiful Sanctuary Room of the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Community Health Centre.  A church converted into a community space, it has stunning ambiance with its stained glass windows, wooden rafters and high ceiling.  Usually there is a facilitated discussion after the film.

However, this time around, the volunteer run advisory committee of said centre had group activities planned where they asked folks to get into discussion groups of 6 to come up with ideas for community building and action.  The suggestions from the 5 groups ranged from the creation of resident associations to karaoke nights, community conversation spaces, a Latin festival and social clubs. People of all ages engaged in this inter-generational activity.

A model city needs these kinds of gatherings and even though Toronto is better than most, we do wrestle with the problem of social isolation.  MCIS and Doc Institute ,with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, were delighted to help facilitate tonight’s conversation and we are confident the advisory committee of DPNCHC will carry the ideas that were generated and bring them to fruition. They have wonderful programs – visit their site and do not hesitate to get involved!

Also, be inspired by watching or participating in Cyber- Seniors screenings – a project that has now spread to several communities across North America! Become a Mentor, a Cyber- Senior or a Partner , and help spread the word about “the wonderful things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged, and new ways of connecting are explored”.


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