Women’s March Washington – in Toronto


It was a gorgeous day to be out in solidarity with other women. It was unseasonably warm and the mood was celebratory. I parked my car in a lot north of the city and took the subway down.  I met all generations of women on the subway.  One had driven down 7 hours, with her three year old, to participate.  A grandmother had come armed with pain medication to sustain herself through the March.  People talked about watching the inauguration on TV with protest hats on or not all.  We talked about the post-fact world where lies pass off as truths and of the importance of vigilance so we are not caught by surprise as we were with the outcome of the US elections, Brexit and so on!  We all agreed that it was good to be shaken out of our complacency and to stand up against oppression of ourselves, our friends, our neighbours, our rich and diverse communities!

As we approached Queen’s Park, we caught the music, put on our pins, read the placards, danced and hugged, and cheered the local organizers, the wonderful speakers and generally felt elated to experience people power.  There was a sea of pink knitted pussy hats marchbesides catchy placards which read “keep your small hands off healthcare – it is a human right”, “I don’t want to go back to where I was 50 years go”, “love trumps hate”, and so on.  There were over 60,000 people who came out today in this most progressive and wonderful city.  I do hope this is the beginning of a movement that will hold the leaders around the world, who wish to claw back our hard fought rights, to account!  I plan to be part of it!


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